Daniela Feldhausen was an Associate General Counsel for Fannie Mae in Washington, DC for more than 20 years, until she took advantage of an early retirement package to change careers and focus on her true passion - teaching kids to read.

Daniela has an MA in Special Education (mild-moderate disabilities) from the University of Arizona. She has been trained to teach struggling children to read by a professor with a PhD in dyslexia, a reading specialist who trains teachers and school districts around the country on the science of reading, and the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (Orton-Gillingham).

Daniela loves watching children's faces light up as they realize they can do this!

Kerry McCullough is a fourth-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Arizona. She graduated from the University of Kansas in 2017 with degrees in journalism (BSJ) and linguistics (BA) and received her master’s in linguistics (MA) from the University of Arizona in 2019. Kerry is a phonologist with a keen interest in the effects writing systems have in speech production and language acquisition. Her research primarily centers on the morphophonology and orthographic representation of initial consonant mutation in Irish.

Kerry enjoys teaching. She has designed the curricula for a variety of college level courses and has experience integrating online resources and new technology in the classroom. Although her teaching assistantships normally involve interaction with young adults, Kerry has experience working with elementary and middle school students as both a coach and tutor. Kerry is a huge basketball fan and enjoys watching the Kansas Jayhawks on TV when she cannot physically be in Allen Fieldhouse. She is also a musical theater aficionado who has performed in The Sound of Music three times and has nearly memorized the lyrics to Hamilton: An American Musical.

Amber Lubera is a fourth-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Arizona. She graduated from the University of Nevada Reno in 2016 with a degree in English (Linguistics & Languages specialization) and received her MA in Linguistics from the University of Arizona in 2020. Amber specializes in adult second language phonological and morphological acquisition. Her research investigates how knowledge of language structure and linguistics affects the implicit language learning process.

Amber is an experienced teacher for both young adults and young children. She has taught many courses at the college-level, including courses on first language acquisition and overview courses aimed at students who had no prior knowledge of linguistics. She has also been a teacher for summer reading programs. These programs taught children the necessary skills to be successful readers while cultivating a love of reading. Amber's favorite part of teaching is watching students become more confident and eager to tackle new problems. When Amber is not teaching, she enjoys reading high fantasy novels (especially Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere books) and cooking.