Online Tutoring

Online Reading Tutoring?  Over Zoom?  REALLY?

Yes, really.  


Does Zoom work? Even for kids with ADHD?

Yes, it does.

We understand your concerns about online learning, but our experience has proven that our 1:1 Zoom sessions are incredibly effective and engaging.  

In our sessions, children participate in fun and interactive activities such as word games, reading on the Blending Board, and solving magic squares.  Early use of decodable books ensures that your child will experience the joy of reading successfully, keeping them happy, engaged, and making significant progress in reading and spelling.

In addition, we’ve learned that most families have really busy schedules and would find it impossible to come in person to the 3-4 sessions per week that most children need in order to get caught up in reading and spelling and move on with their lives in a reasonable amount of time.  And we never wanted this to be once or twice/week tutoring that goes on for years.

If you have concerns, we encourage you to schedule a few sessions to see how your child responds.  You may be surprised! We're also happy to connect you with other families whose children now love their reading sessions. 

 Hear it directly from our parents:

"I was a little worried about the virtual format at first but Kids Up Reading has really cracked the code on not only making virtual learning effective, but fun as well."  

Third Grade

Chevy Chase, DC


"We found the flexibility of doing zoom sessions allowed us to fit tutoring into the pockets of our busy life in a way we could never make work for in person tutoring."

First Grade

Fulton, MD


"We put our kids in a tiny Montessori school so they would be in person as we know how important that is. BUT this Zoom model works great. The main thing I appreciate is the convenience of it with the frequency. I want [John] to be able to do all the other things (sports for him) 4th graders do and this model lets us do that without feeling over programmed. He is so engaged and I also get to see and hear what is happening. The biggest impression I’ve gotten from him is that he knows it’s helping him in ways other in person and/or virtual things haven’t so there is no complaint when it’s time to join. He likes it because he can so clearly see how much it is helping him. I don’t have to point it out, he is just ready to join."

Fourth Grade

Wilmington, NC


“I was 1000% concerned about Charlie learning over Zoom (based on his spending most of the pandemic Zoom classes underneath our kitchen table instead of participating in online class), but actually it’s been awesome and time saving. Daniela jumps right in, and she keeps things moving. She doesn’t lose momentum with 'brain breaks' that would make my ADHD child lose focus.”

First Grade

Friendship Heights, DC


"They did an assessment where I learned she was struggling with being able to read 'sound patterns' that she should have learned in Kindergarten and there is NO WAY she would have caught up to her peers without the amazing coaches at Kids Up Reading Coaches, LLC who not only worked through her dyslexia but also her ADHD & all over ZOOM in a fun and engaging way!"

Fourth Grade

McLean, VA

 Still don't believe us?

That's OK.  We were skeptical too when we first started out.

Fluent Readers.   Good Spellers.   Confident Students.