From Happy Students and Families

(Note: names have been omitted or changed for privacy reasons.)

From James, father of 2nd grader Mary, after only 2 weeks of tutoring:

"The major thing I've noticed is that Mary's concentration and stamina have dramatically improved since starting to work with you.  She is doing better at reading words and reliably getting some letters (and letter combos) that have been tough for her correct the first time. 

She's also more patient with us on the non-tutoring nights, when we sit with her as she does her homework. That's a big deal because there had been a lot of tears basically whenever homework time came, and now she seems both more confident in herself and willing to listen to us when we remind her about things she's gone over with you.  

She continues to say that she likes the role you give her, meaning that she gets to say whether to keep going with a particular activity or to move to a new one. I think she enjoys having a degree of control, and it helps that you both praise her and hold her accountable when she's not doing X as you've instructed."

Sam worked with Daniela back in 2nd grade.  He's now starting 4th grade, and his mom sent us this (about Sam and his younger brother Toby, who is working with Sasha):

"I just wanted to share with you that Sam [who worked with Kids Up Reading Coaches 2 years ago] is doing extremely well with his reading at school. Today we got his reading scores, and he is in the 90th percentile. I am very grateful for all the work that you did with him, your patience above all and really the support to build a strong foundation to propel him forward!

I am also really happy with all the great work Sasha is doing with Toby. I am convinced that starting early on to build this important foundation is key for kids and I am so happy we have started working with your team supporting Toby."

From Catherine, mother of a rising 11th grader:

"I am so impressed by the support my son is getting from Daniela and the team at Kids Super Reading Coaches. I have a rising 11th grade boy with reading and writing disabilities and was concerned about doing reading remediation so late in his education. I emailed Daniela on a Friday and she worked with me through the weekend to get my son tested and connected with one of her coaches. By Monday we had a tutor 4 days a week. Our coach Rachel has been amazing. The first week, I got a detailed email from her every day about what they worked on so that I could support my son at home. I was so impressed that I forwarded one to my mother who got very emotional and said, "my goodness he is in good hands." I highly recommend Daniela and her team. The process and support has been seamless and beyond my expectations. "

From Samantha, Paul's mom:  

"We knew Paul had reading issues early in first grade.  In first and second grade he had tutoring once a week after school during the academic year, but he wasn’t making much progress.  I had talked to Daniela at Kids Up Reading Coaches when he was in first grade, but went with tutors from my son's school because they charged less. I called Daniela at the beginning of this year (3rd grade) and my son has been working with her on Zoom four times a week after school.  In September Daniela told me “Oh, we’ll have him reading chapter books by December” and I couldn’t believe it.  But here we are in December, and he is indeed reading chapter books.  The intensive tutoring has been entirely worth it, and so confidence building for Paul."  

From Caroline, mother of a third grader:  

"Now that our son is working with Daniela, we have decided to keep him at the neighborhood public school instead of a school for kids with learning difficulties. And I know that if he's not caught up by the beginning of the summer, he can continue the tutoring during the summer for an hour before or after his regular camps, instead of being in a half-day or full-day summer program specifically geared toward reading, like at Lab [the Lab School in Washington, DC]."

From Emily, Charlie's mom:

"I was 1000% concerned about Charlie learning over Zoom (based on his spending most of the pandemic Zoom classes underneath our kitchen table instead of participating in online class), but actually it’s been awesome and time saving.  Daniela jumps right in, and she keeps things moving. She doesn’t lose momentum with “brain breaks” that would make my ADHD child lose focus.  I’m definitely a happy customer, and I’m so happy for my son that he is identifying with being a reader!"

Mother of an initially reluctant 4th grader, after his first lesson

"I talked with Thomas right afterwards and he was really happy with how the session went. He even said he had fun!!"

Amber, mother of a 2nd grader

"Daniela Feldhausen is amazing!! We started with her in April, worked hard all summer and now [in November] my 8 year old is reading at a second grade level!! She was still at kindergarten level when we started. Massive improvements thanks to her!!   

Nicole, mother of a 3rd grader:

"Now that he's in person at school...his teacher has noticed that overall his reading fluency has improved drastically." 

Laurie, mother of a 5th grader

"She is tutoring my 5th grade son 3x/week and even though we've only been doing it a few weeks, he's made a ton of progress. We were able to work the schedule so that he sees her virtually during an elective period." And, after almost 2 months of coaching: "I was actually out getting a book he asked me to get-this is the first time he's asked for a book! They're reading it in class and he wanted a copy at home. He also said he finished a book at school this week without using the audio version.  Out of the blue this week he also showed me what you were working on last Friday-him writing a story you dictated.  He seemed to be very proud of that.  These are definitely big improvements for him...  He's definitely improving and becoming more confident in reading... And I love the detailed reports of things he's working on." 

Lorie, mother of an 8th grader

"My rising 9th grader struggled to spell at an elementary school level.  My neighbor recommended Daniela and it has been life changing for him.  He was recently able to complete a high school level geography SOL spelling on his own which he would not have been able to do before working with Daniela.  His stress and anxiety levels have decreased significantly.  Both of us are so much more confident about his transition to his very competitive high school.  I'm sure that as he works with Daniela his skill levels and confidence will continue to grow with leaps and bounds."  

Parents of 6th grade and 4th grade boys:  

"After Daniela started working with and having great success with our 4th grader, we suspected our 6th grader might need some support as well - as evidenced by his challenges in spelling (though no reading challenges).  Daniela assessed for and recognized the gaps in our 6th grader's phonics skills, which he was cleverly working around but which would most certainly have caught up to him in 7th/8th grade and beyond.  She engages our 6th grader in his own success by leveraging his spelling samples from school, including him in the ordering of activities in each session and showing him his progress.  Daniela tailors her approach and pace differently and appropriately for our 4th and 6th graders to hone in on their focus areas for noticeable improvements.  We are so appreciative of Daniela and the positive results we're seeing with both of our sons.  We highly recommend her!"  

Father of two boys who worked with Daniela and Kristina: 

"When I’ve sat in on our sessions, I find that you’re doing a fantastic job.  It’s interactive for them, they’re engaged, and I can actually see the progress they’re making.  On my side, I’m quite happy with the way things are moving along here."

From Margot, mother of a third grader

"Being part of Kids Up Reading means being part of a reading program that your child will graduate from, and I like being able to see my son’s weekly progress as he crosses items off his learning chart. Daniela sends weekly reports, but honestly I can hear the progress because I’m sitting in the next room.  :)"

From Melissa, the mother of 4th grader Charlie, to Meg:

"Meg,  Thank you for the update. Charlie absolutely raves about you every day. From the connection to trains or coasters, to the amazing positive reinforcement he gets, he is always sharing new things the two of you worked on.  Great job!"

And later, in a follow up to Daniela: "Meg is great. Charlie looks forward to every session with her."

Mother of a 1st grader:

"[My husband] and I were just commenting last night how amazing it is that she never complains about coming home from school and immediately jumping on Zoom for your time with her. She is learning so much and I am so grateful for your work with her and that we found you when we did."

Mother of a 1st grader, after 6 weeks of tutoring

"I just wanted to let you know that Margot was using the skills she's learned with you this weekend when she was writing her birthday thank you notes. She was sounding out the words as she was writing and for necklace, she said, that's ck. I was very surprised she knew that and said so. She said, well Miss Daniela told me that it's ck when the vowel is short. She also was able to spell lights correctly. I was impressed:)"  And just a few weeks after that: "Margot just told me she loves reading.  She said it's her favorite thing ever!"

Father of a rising 3rd grader

"Thank you for the update, and for all your continuing work with [our daughter].  I was sitting in the next room while [she] had her lesson yesterday (and earlier this week), and her reading is so much improved.  She seems to be flying through Diary of a Pug, not getting tripped up on too many words, handling some tricky words well, understanding the story as she reads, and clearly enjoying it with her dramatic renditions."

Text exchange between the parents of a rising 3rd grader, after a few months of tutoring:  

Dad: "I'm almost in tears listening to her.  She's come so far." Mom: "She really has." 

Robin, mother of a 1st grader in a Montessori school that doesn't teach children to read until 2nd grade:

"Thank you! She was practicing up a storm last night after dinner.  'Mom! Ask me how to write anything.  I can do it!'  She is gaining such confidence - real confidence, not false bravado.  It's so amazing to see."

Mother of a 2nd grader, after only 3 weeks of tutoring:

"We are already seeing a HUGE improvement in Penelope.  Last night she was confused as Phoebe was not pronounced with a long O sound.  I almost cried." 

Sylvie (4th grade), after a few months of reading coaching:

"I used to cry all the time because I couldn't do my homework.  Now I can actually read the directions and do it!"

Hunter (4th grade):

Roses are red

Reading is cool

You can do it after school

When my reading teacher is excited

I feel good too

Jenna, after her son Tom's first week with Rachel:

"Good Morning Rachel, This all sounds great.  I tried to be in the other room during the session so I could listen and he seemed very happy and enaged.  I appreciate all of your work with him!"

Mother of a rising 4th grader after her first week of lessons:

"Thank you so much Rachel. Anne had a great week. She is very enthusiastic about what she's learning and we really appreciate that you are keeping things fun for her! "

And a few weeks later: "Anne is having a great time with you and I can tell that she feels good about the progress she is making."

Father of a 1st grade student about 4 weeks after her first lesson:

"I know Clara is really enjoying all of this and I can see how it is helping her to grow in skills and confidence."  

Mother of a 3rd grader: 

"I really appreciate your [Amber's] thorough updates.  Gabe is making tremendous strides thanks to your help." And then his father added: "I just want to second what [his mother] said.  We are seeing a lot more confidence and spontaneous reading by Gabe, which is really fantastic.  I think your sessions are really making a huge positive impact!"

From the mother of an entering 3rd grader who's now all caught up!

"I saw your question at the end of last week but was waiting for Simon’s teacher to get me his DIEBELS score. She had told us at conferences that he was reading at mid 3rd grade level and she wasn’t concerned at all but I wanted the score breakdown too. I’m attaching it to this email. I am so happy that he has caught up and feel very confident that it is because Kristina and Sasha have been so great.  I have noticed a huge difference in his reading abilities and also just comfort. He’s reading to his brother and sister voluntarily now. Let me know what your thoughts are and if it’s time to wind down the tutoring."

Mom's feedback after Meg's first session with 4th grader Charlie:

"What a great first day. We do have book 24 [Magic Tree House] so I will put it on Charlie's desk for today's session. He had glowing reviews of your session. He especially liked how enthusiastic you were when he got things right. I think a big part of Charlie's issue is confidence. How that translates specifically to reading I will leave to your expertise. 

We look forward to his continued work and progress with you."

Only two week into lessons with Sasha over the summer, one rising first grader's mother sent us this:

"Hi Sasha, Thank you so much for the detailed update. Emily genuinely has so much fun with you, and is learning a lot. She emulates your teaching when she FaceTimes her aunts!"

Just two months later, she wrote: "Thank you again for helping Emily along her reading journey.  Sasha, I am always amazed by your enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge.  It has been wonderful to watch Emily's proficiency and confidence grow over the summer."

From the mother of a first grader, after her son's first session with Meg:

"Thanks so much for the update.  Max was really happy and excited after his first session.  He’s looking forward to talking with you tonight at 7! "

From the mother of a first grader who's working with Sasha:

"I also wanted to let you know for the first time I “caught” Emma reading to herself before bed. Thank you for making this moment possible!  

It really was a wonderful sight."  

Liz, mother of a 3rd grader who worked with Kerry: 

"Hi Kerry, thank you so much for all of the help you gave [my daughter] this year.  She was always excited for her sessions with you and cheerful afterward, and from my perspective she improved beautifully with your help!!" 

From Will's mom to Meg, about her second grader:

"And thanks for the info regarding his progress - it’s helpful to read the full rundown of his accomplishments for the week, as well as where he’s struggling and exceeding. And lastly, thanks also for being so great to him - I know you work really hard on building rapport, and I think it plays a big role in his successes every week. We appreciate it so much!"

From Rachel, a second grader's mom, responding to the weekly update in which her tutor mentioned their work on the hard and soft c and g that week:

"Excellent! Thanks. She’s so excited about learning. Here is a quick photo from what she did this morning without any prompting."

From a conversation between Daniela and Cindy, mother of a 3rd grader, about why Cindy prefers Daniela to her daughter's two previous (less expensive) reading tutors:

"You are really good and so I think that people might try other tutors (like I did) and then come back to you at that price because you get the job done. (Believe me, I am one happy customer!) It is worth the investment for your kid, and also, you get more done in the time period.  55 minutes with you is actually 55 minutes of learning, not 30-35 plus brain breaks.  You offer a kind of intensive program which is what kids need.  It is worth the investment."

From Sarah, when her 5th grade daughter Claire was caught up and "graduated" from the Kids Up program after only 4 months of tutoring:

"Meg, thank you immensely for your meticulous support over the past months. It has been great to see Claire’s ability, and in turn confidence, grow as a result.

We also appreciate all of the details you have given us along the way and feedback on additional skills we can assist her with.

Most of all, we value the fact that she found you as a kind, helpful person to meet with. She progressed so much because of who you are as a person. We will be sure to recommend you should we come into contact with someone who needs support. "

From the father of a 4th grader, after about a month of tutoring:

"Thank you, Sasha.  We are very pleased with the progress Bekalu is making with you. You have hit it off with him and manage to keep his attention focused for the entire session.  Coupled with seeing [his SLP] on Saturday mornings, we think that Bekalu may actually start to enjoy reading! "

After this exchange, Bekalu's mom asked Bekalu how he feels about the tutoring, and here's his response:  "Before Sasha started helping me I hated reading.  Now I think I like it."

And then from dad: "Daniela, I am just curious what you think is the secret sauce that you use to get kids like Bekalu reading. I hear Sasha (and before them, you) giving Bekalu lots of choices and I wonder if that’s it. You also seem to make it fun somehow. Anyway, whatever methods you have developed, work well. Congrats. "

After 2 months of tutoring, mom again: "Watching Bekalu’s progress in reading with you and Sasha is magical."

From Jennie, mother of a 4th grader, after a month of tutoring:

 "I can't say enough how thrilled we are with John's improvement over a month.  The biggest difference to me is how little I have to coach him (aka fight him) on writing a complete sentence any more.  Not that there isn't still work to be done but it is night and day to where he was on January 9th of this year. Meg is fantastic, and he is really enjoying working with her.  

To that end, I wonder if we might be able to get an evaluation done for our daughter Samantha..."

From Ginnie, mother of 4th grader John:

"We put our kids in a tiny Montessori school so they would be in person as we know how important that is. BUT this Zoom model works great. The main thing I appreciate is the convenience of it with the frequency. I want [John] to be able to do all the other things (sports for him) 4th graders do and this model lets us do that without feeling over programmed.  

He is so engaged and I also get to see and hear what is happening.  The biggest impression I’ve gotten from him is that he knows it’s helping him in ways other in person and/or virtual things haven’t so there is no complaint when it’s time to join. He likes it because he can so clearly see how much it is helping him. I don’t have to point it out, he is just ready to join."

From Alecia, mother of 1st grader Paul:

"I just have to share that Paul raided his brother's bookshelf tonight and has been reading a My Weird School book both out loud and to himself, and is laughing so hard he has tears rolling down his face. His reading is phenomenal and brought tears to my eyes. I could never, ever have imagined last November that I would see my sweet boy in March reading a My Weird School book fluently and taking such JOY from the experience. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us this amazing gift!!!"

From Anne, after 2 months of tutoring, about a book her 4th grader Max is reading for school:

"I did ask him to read a shorter chapter while sitting across from me while I worked. I thought he would read aloud, but he said he wanted to read to himself. I kind of assumed he wasn't really reading the chapter when he was doing it in his head. 

But when he said he was done, I asked him to tell me what happened, and he was able to pretty clearly articulate what he had read. I was astonished and proud. I wouldn't trust that he could read the whole book without assistance, but the fact that he got through a chapter in a reasonable amount of time and without any complaining is remarkable."

From Catherine, after her daughter Stella's first session with Carly:

"Thanks for the recap Carly. When I asked Stella how it went/how she felt about it she said with a big smile 'Carly is a really good teacher and I'm really glad I get to have her as a tutor' - so agreed, we're off to a great start on all fronts!"

From the mother of one of Meg's students, after mom heard from her 2nd grader's IEP team that he was now reading at an early 2nd grade level:

"Walt's reading is improving/has improved TREMENDOUSLY since beginning tutoring (which we are all over the moon about!)  We are SO happy with the work you’ve done with Walt to-date, and the progress he’s made ... You not only work hard on teaching him, and he’s learning so much from you, but you also work so hard on connecting with him, and it really makes a difference in his ability to learn from you. We couldn’t be more happy with having you as his tutor! [W]e think you are doing an amazing job.

Rachel, mother of a second grader, sent us this after a joint session with Daniela and Fabi:

"Thank you!! [Lily] insisted we download that Owl Diaries book last night on Kindle and she finished reading it (out loud) to us. In the last 48 hours, something clicked. She is obsessed with reading for the first time. She even asked to go the library last night (which we did) and she checked out 7 books. She says she has a goal of reading 1 book a day. She was giddy last night and I am convinced it is because it feels so good to her to be actually reading. It is like her brain suddenly got it!

So exciting."

From Helen, after her 5th grader's first session with Max:

Thanks, Max! Alex enjoyed his session :)

You must have convinced him it will be beneficial to have some lessons :)

He went from grouchy before to happy afterwards :)

From the mother of one of our students, when Daniela thanked her for posting about us on her local listserv:

"Awesome! Fantastic. Happy to help. 

You really have been a godsend."

From Sara, mother of 6th grader Tina, in response to the weekly summary Sara got from Daniela about Tina's progress: 


You are amazing. Thank you. I am so proud of the work that Tina is doing, and you really do facilitate it.

Grateful. So grateful. 

Happy Friday. 


From the mother of 3rd grader Tommy:

"I have been spreading the word about your program to friends of Tommy's at Discovery. We are very excited with his improvements. I told Max that he has become a little bookworm and wants to read all the time. I keep finding him in corners reading, and trying to read and walk at the same time which is a little dangerous because he is slightly absent minded to start. "

From Susan, the mother of 4th grader Simon: 

"Thanks very much, Max.  I have really noticed an improvement in Simon's ability to read words in every day settings.  We played a family game last night that required us to take turns reading cards, and Simon was much more able to do so – and much less frustrated with it." 

Samantha, mother of a 6th grader, posted this on her local listserv:

"Is your child struggling with reading or spelling and need some help over the summer (or starting in the Fall)? Was the school year hard because of reading struggles? Lots of tears in your house around homework? I just want to put in a HUGE POSITIVE plug for Kids Up Reading Tutors. Daniela was AMAZING with our child who had a new dyslexia diagnosis this year (in 6th grade). Daniela created the company and the curriculum when her kids (who have ADHD and reading struggles) were not being served by the typical curricula. Daniela was a GODSEND. Our child is reading better, spelling better, and has just SO MUCH MORE confidence. "

Wondering how quickly you're going to see progress?  Here's part of a note from Leo's mom Jessi to Carly, after just 6 weeks of tutoring:

"Again, I just want to emphasize how much we appreciate you.  We've noticed huge strides in Leo's reading abilities."   

All students love Sasha, the younger ones as well as the older ones!  And it comes up in all kinds of ways:

 "I mentioned in a prior email that my father- and mother-in law are generously paying for Eleanor's "Sasha Sessions" (as she lovingly calls them). Could you please help my father-in-law [xxx] (CC'ed to this email) get the payment over Zelle sorted?"

One of our moms posted this to a local listserv:

"I would like to recommend Kids Up Reading Coaches who have been a LIFE SAVER for our family. My oldest was a COVID kindergartener and never really learned how to read. He just finished 2nd grade and was barely at a 1st grade reading level. He was very self conscious about his inability to read. After being recommended to Daniela ... who heads this amazing program, my son is not only reading at grade level (we hope to get him well past grade level by the end of the summer) but he has gained such confidence in himself that he enjoys sitting and reading to his younger brothers!"

You can pause tutoring sessions when you go on vacation. Here's part of a note from Jen about her daughter Cynthia's sessions with Kristina.

"Wanted to check in as Kristina has been such an amazing tutor for us, and so accommodating of busy and changing summer schedules!" And "We appreciate everything you've done for her, I can tell she has really improved!"

Emma is heading into 1st grade.  Here's part of an email exchange between her mom and Sasha:

"We are so appreciative - you have been and continue to be a wonderful teacher. It's exciting to hear how much progress Emma has made. It's even more amazing to see every day. She helped me do her sisters' bedtime story a few nights ago - and it was fun! no stress! It's truly amazing." 

When her son Theo "graduated," his mom sent this to Sasha:

"It has been wonderful to work with you, Theo really enjoyed working with you! You have developed a very confident reader, sometimes I feel too confident! 

Anyway, if there is ever a need for a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me and I gladly will give my highest marks to you!"

Jenny was a rising 2nd grader when her mom sent this to Kristina after only 3 weeks of tutoring:

"Thank you so much — and I wanted to tell you how much her reading has improved already! And she seems REALLY happy about it." 

And after about 2 months of tutoring: "This is so good to hear! Her work from school this week was so much better than it was last year -- thank you for being such a great tutor!"

 "Sammie says the tutoring is really helping and she feels more confident reading out loud at school this year."

A note to Rachel, from the mother of a 3rd grader:

"Rachel, thank you for the informative update!!


I’m so glad to hear about her progress and I laughed out loud about the sock thing.

 Kudos to you for keeping her engaged. It IS an effort, especially after a long school day. 

Thank you all for everything you’re doing to support Molly!!! "

Third grader Sally's mom sent this to Carly recently:

"Thank you!  I had Sally's parent teacher conference this week and her ELA teacher had very positive things to say about her reading fluency."

A note to Sasha, from the mother of a 5th grader:

"Thanks for all the work you are doing with Simon.  We’ve really noticed improvement in his reading ability and his confidence."

Helen, mother of a 4th grader, sent this note to her son's tutor Crystal, and Daniela:

"Thanks for all your hard work and patience! Walt is a new kid with your amazing program ladies :) I just love his confidence these days."

Jenny was a rising 2nd grader when her mom sent this to Kristina after only 3 weeks of tutoring:

"Thank you so much — and I wanted to tell you how much her reading has improved already! And she seems REALLY happy about it." 

And after about 2 months of tutoring: "This is so good to hear! Her work from school this week was so much better than it was last year -- thank you for being such a great tutor!"

Peter worked with Daniela in first grade.  Here's what his mom said after their first 2nd grade P-T conference:

"Peter's conference made me cry, in a good way. His teacher says he is doing extremely well, absolutely on track, and that she never, ever would have imagined that he had a rough time academically last year or that he was behind grade level expectations. We saw some of his reading and writing work, and were absolutely blown away. He was able to write a whole story about his first karate class, using excellent grammar and spelling (his teacher mentioned twice during the conference about his great spelling), and he could never have done this without all of the work you two did together last year. We are so relieved and beyond thrilled that he is doing so well. Thank you, thank you for making this happen! We truly could never have imagined this time last fall that Peter would be doing so well at school."

From William's mother to Crystal and Daniela, when he "graduated" from our program: 

"You guys are so nice and your words made me feel emotional .  It’s so hard to believe this day is here. I feel blessed I stumbled upon your program Daniela and I am glad I can continue to tell people about it. William came down to the kitchen [after his last session] with a big smile on his face and his sister's Pom poms in his hands.

Thanks for everything; your love to teach your skill shines through in your work."

Mina's mom Liz sent this to Regan after a very emotional tutoring session:

"Thanks for all your work with Mina, Regan, know this is tough for her so having super sweet caring specialists like you to work with her and engage with her is amazing, especially with this tough transition she's facing with the upcoming move (movers come Monday).

Thanks for pouring your talents and heart into her!"

Molly's mom sent this note to Rachel after almost 2 months of tutoring: 

"Thank you so much for the informative update! 

I’m glad to hear Molly is progressing and we are noticing an improvement at home. Notably, we also notice a general uptick in interest in reading which is great. 

I heard her say the other day, “It’s a good thing I like you!” when you told her that there are more progress charts. LOL  :-)"

From 11th grader Max, to Crystal [An aside: we love our high schoolers!  They really notice and appreciate how much they're learning. :-)]

"Hi Crystal,

I would like to say thank you for an amazing couple of months of tutoring! I learned a lot and built a solid foundation to stand on in the future. I really enjoyed meeting with you every week where you’d always try to stump me with different made up words. Hopefully once my schedule dies down I will be able to continue working with you. I really appreciate everything you have done to build my confidence in reading.

Thank you so much,

Max Z."

Alice sent this after seeing a recording of her kindergartener Iggy reading a story with Daniela:

"I am BLOWN AWAY by that video! I seriously cannot believe that was my kid reading so beautifully so soon. I knew he was ready for this in a way he wasn't last summer, but this is just above and beyond where I thought he'd be after a week. I've been reading some Bob books with him that are very similar, and while he was able to read them, he wasn't nearly as fluid as he was today... THANK YOU!!!

And Dad: "I was really impressed with Iggy's progress today... He has made huge progress in only two sessions. I am excited to see him grow and learn!"  

A nice not to Sasha, from the mother of a former student:

"We just had our parent-teacher conference last week and Tray is well above average on his reading, demonstrating all the ELA skills and he is often given -more advanced materials to work on.  He has continued his habit of reading before bedtime and is really excited about learning new vocabulary.  Thanks for all your support last year, it has totally paid off!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and all the best during the holidays!"

A nice note to Daniela about Rachel and our growing business:

"Thank you for letting us know and all your help with Elliot! Best of luck with your growing business - I'll be sure to spread the word :) We have been very happy with Rachel tutoring Elliot. Happy Holidays."

Elsa started to work with Kids Up Reading Coaches in the second half of first grade.  Here's a note from her mom about how things are going in second grade:

 "I wanted to mention that we had Elsa’s parent-teacher conference right before Thanksgiving, and her teacher was saying how much confidence Elsa’s built up over the course of the year when it comes to reading and writing out stories and thoughts. She still receives reading support from the school, but it’s merely to review and reinforce what she’s already learning in the classroom vs working with a reading specialist. It’s a far cry from where we were in kindergarten and a sustained improvement since 1st grade. It’s all coming together. 🙏"

Response from a mom, when we thanked her for referring another family and gave her a referral bonus (credit) on her invoice:

"Thank you so much for the credit! We’ve been so pleased with the success Alecia has had and are happy to share it with others!"

From 2nd grader Helena's mom to Colin, responding to the weekly summary Colin sent: 

"We have also been seeing [Helena's] confidence build over the last few weeks and have seen a lot of progress as she picks up books around the house to read. I think slowing down continues to be important and we will also continue to encourage her there. 

Thanks for asking about feedback. From every session I've listened to, I think you have done a fantastic job engaging Helena and she has not only been enjoying the sessions but is really making progress. "

From the mother of 6th grader Everett, in response to the weekly summary Rachel sent her:

 "Thank you for this update. Everett seemed be in a positive space after his session today. It's great to really see his growing confidence and less anxiety around his spelling! He's also made such a great connection with you and many thanks with all your ongoing, creative efforts to make spelling fun for him. Everett was excited to show me his almost completed Progress 1 chart today (and wanted to confirm you were continuing as his tutor for Progress Chart 2 - I told him yes!)"

From Marta's dad Jack, about 6 months after she started working with Daniela:

"We are so grateful for the work you are doing with Marta. She's made so much progress and is really enjoying reading in a way that was unimaginable when she started with you earlier this year. Thanks for your diligence and patience--and firmness!--with her."

From the mother of a second grader, about her daughter Ginny and Ginny's tutor Kristina: 

"Before [Ginny] started working with Kristina she was incredibly anxious about reading and not able to read for more than 10 or so minutes without getting exhausted and upset. Now she reads, I am not kidding, a couple hours a day. (I'm going broke paying for Wings of Fire books!)"

An update from a former student, who is now in middle school:

"Henry wanted me to tell you that he got a 34 out of 35 on an English test in middle school – which is the highest grade that anyone got.  It was all about phonological awareness."

From Madeline's dad Jack:

"Madeline reports that she got all the words right on her spelling test today, so thank you for working with her yesterday at such length.  She also says she got a score on her middle of year ELA diagnostic test that is (close to) within range of where a third grader should be at this stage of the year. Even 'close to' would be a dramatic improvement over her beginning-of-year score, so we appreciate all of the work you've been doing with her.

She now regularly opens up her kindle and reads immediately upon getting home, without any instigating by us.  She reports that she's really enjoying reading, which was unimaginable a year ago."

 From Annie's mother Bella, to Laurie: 

"Thanks so much for the update.  I feel like over the past few weeks, Annie has really had a breakthrough with her reading confidence.  She is much more willing to read out loud to me, and she is doing a great job while doing so!  I have also seen her reading a book (Babysitters' Club graphic novel) several times by herself!  This is a big step in my eyes as it seems like reading is transitioning from something that we are "making" her do to something that she wants to do on her own initiative.  We are giving her a lot of positive feedback and I think she is appreciating the kudos."

From Walker's mother to Caitlin and Crystal, when he "graduated" from the program:

"Just wanted to respond and let you know that we are so, so appreciative of your tutoring of Walker.  We were skeptical whether zoom would work, but it actually worked beautifully and allowed us to get him more sessions per week and have a greater positive impact on his progress.  Caitlin, you were kind, patient, and responsive to Walker and I think you have a real talent in this area.  I will complete the review and wish you all the best!!  Crystal, also was a great pleasure working with you as you introduced us to the company!"

From Kara, when her 3rd grader Sadie "graduated" from Kids Up Reading Coaches:

"Thank you Carly. We couldn't be more happy with Sadie's reading skills and the confidence she has gained. We really can't thank you enough. She looked forward to her sessions with you every week and frankly didn't want them to end. We wish you all the best and who knows, maybe Sadie's wish will come true and we'll run into you IRL in Florida someday!"