Is your child struggling with reading and spelling?

Has your daughter been diagnosed with dyslexia?

Is your son in Special Ed for specific learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing, but not making the progress you had hoped for?

We can help.

We specialize in teaching struggling readers to "decode" the English language so they learn to love reading!

Our Program

Who: Elementary, middle and high school students

What: Intensive 1-on-1 instruction

Where: At home or school, over Zoom. More time learning, less time driving

When: Before, during or after school; weekends optional

How: The Science of Reading* (see the "How Do Children Learn to Read" page for more information)

Rolling Admissions: Spaces open up as current students reach grade level and "graduate"

Here are some of the ways we make it fun!

  • Play word games (say "clamp" but don't say /l/)

  • Build words with Post-Its ( write "sat" [S A T]. Now change "sat" to "mat")

  • Turn it around! Students become teachers and teach their pets (or tutors or stuffed animals) to read

  • Read graphic novels like Diary of a Pug, InvestiGators and Wings of Fire

  • Write crazy sentences and stories with words we're learning to spell!