Is your child struggling with reading? Has your son been diagnosed with dyslexia? Is your daughter receiving special education services for a specific learning disability in the areas of reading and writing but not making the progress you had hoped for?

You're not alone. And we can help.

We specialize in teaching struggling readers to "decode" the English language and learn to love reading!

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We work with elementary, middle and high school students and their families across the U.S.

Feedback from Happy Children and Families

After observing Daniela's work with their 3rd grade son for a few weeks, the student's parents asked her to work with their 6th grade son as well. Dad's feedback: "When I’ve sat in on our sessions, I find that you’re doing a fantastic job. It’s interactive for them, they’re engaged, and I can actually see the progress they’re making. On my side, I’m quite happy with the way things are moving along here."

Sylvana (4th grade), after a few months of reading coaching: "I used to cry all the time because I couldn't do my homework. Now I can actually read the directions and do it!"

Hunter (4th grade): Roses are red
Reading is cool
You can do it after school
When my reading teacher is excited
I feel good too

Father of a 1st grade student about 4 weeks after her first lesson: "I know Clara is really enjoying all of this and I can see how it is helping her to grow in skills and confidence."

Mother of an initially reluctant 4th grade student, after our first lesson: "I talked with Thomas right afterwards and he was really happy with how the session went. He even said he had fun!!"

Amber: "Daniela Feldhausen is amazing!! We started with her in April, worked hard all summer and now [in November] my 8 year old is reading at a second grade level!! She was still at kindergarten level when we started. Massive improvements thanks to her!!

Nicole, mother of a 3rd grader who recently returned to in-person school: "Now that he's in person at school...his teacher has noticed that overall his reading fluency has improved drastically."

Mother of a 3rd grader who's been working with Amber: "I really appreciate your thorough updates. Gabe is making tremendous strides thanks to your help." And then the father: "I just want to second what [his mother] said. We are seeing a lot more confidence and spontaneous reading by Gabe, which is really fantastic. I think your sessions are really making a huge positive impact!"

Liz, mother of a 3rd grader: "Hi Kerry, thank you so much for all of the help you gave [my daughter] this year. She was always excited for her sessions with you and cheerful afterward, and from my perspective she improved beautifully with your help!!"

Laurie: "She is tutoring my 5th grade son 3x/week and even though we've only been doing it a few weeks, he's made a ton of progress. We were able to work the schedule so that he sees her virtually during an elective period." And, after almost 2 months of coaching: "I was actually out getting a book he asked me to get-this is the first time he's asked for a book! They're reading it in class and he wanted a copy at home. He also said he finished a book at school this week without using the audio version. Out of the blue this week he also showed me what you were working on last Friday-him writing a story you dictated. He seemed to be very proud of that. These are definitely big improvements for him... He's definitely improving and becoming more confident in reading... And I love the detailed reports of things he's working on."

Text exchange between the parents of a rising 3rd grader, after a few months of tutoring: Dad: "I'm almost in tears listening to her. She's come so far." Mom: "She really has."

Lorie, mother of an 8th grader: "My rising 9th grader struggled to spell at an elementary school level. My neighbor recommended Daniela and it has been life changing for him. He was recently able to complete a high school level geography SOL spelling on his own which he would not have been able to do before working with Daniela. His stress and anxiety levels have decreased significantly. Both of us are so much more confident about his transition to his very competitive high school. I'm sure that as he works with Daniela his skill levels and confidence will continue to grow with leaps and bounds."

Mother of a 2nd grader, after only 3 weeks of tutoring: "We are already seeing a HUGE improvement in Penelope. Last night she was confused as Phoebe was not pronounced with a long O sound. I almost cried."

Mother of a 1st grader, after 6 weeks of tutoring: "I just wanted to let you know that Margot was using the skills she's learned with you this weekend when she was writing her birthday thank you notes. She was sounding out the words as she was writing and for necklace, she said, that's ck. I was very surprised she knew that and said so. She said, well Miss Daniela told me that it's ck when the vowel is short. She also was able to spell lights correctly. I was impressed:)" And just a few weeks after that: "Margot just told me she loves reading. She said it's her favorite thing ever!"

Father of a rising 3rd grader: "Thank you for the update, and for all your continuing work with [our daughter]. I was sitting in the next room while [she] had her lesson yesterday (and earlier this week), and her reading is so much improved. She seems to be flying through Diary of a Pug, not getting tripped up on too many words, handling some tricky words well, understanding the story as she reads, and clearly enjoying it with her dramatic renditions."