We can get your child reading fluently!

(no matter where you live)


Is your son struggling with reading or spelling?  Reading at grade level but memorizing words rather than sounding them out? Getting poor test scores in reading comprehension?

Has your daughter been diagnosed with dyslexia or specific learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing?  

Is homework time stressing everyone out?


Kids Up Reading Coaches® 

 specializes in teaching students to decode the English language 

so they learn to love reading and writing!


Our Program

Who:        Elementary, middle and high school students as well as adults.

What:      Evidence-based, intensive 1-on-1 instruction, customized to meet YOUR student's needs.

Where:   Over Zoom, so you can squeeze the sessions into your family's busy schedule. (See Why Online Tutoring?  Still skeptical?  Ask about our 1 week free trial for Zoom skeptics.)

When:     Before, during or after school/camp. Weekends optional. 

How:        The Science of Reading and Orton-Gillingham. (See Reading Tutoring)

Sign Up:   Any time of year. We've always got students about to reach grade level and "graduate," so space will open up soon even if we're full right now.

References:    We're happy to put you in touch with other families we work with - just ask.  


Third grader Sophia went from Below Basic (2+ years behind) to meeting her school's end-of-year benchmark for Reading Comprehension in just 4 months!


Will started working with us mid-third grade.  By June 1, school testing showed he was more than caught up. According to his teacher, "He made AMAZING growth this year.  Usually we expect around 20-30 points growth and he grew 85, which is just incredible."  


Lucas, a 4th grader, started working with us in April.  By June 1, school testing showed incredible progress.  Take a look at how much his reading scores improved in just two months!  


Ella’s DIBELS scores improved by 86 points in just 5 months!

She’s gone from needing support in multiple areas to exceeding the DIBELS benchmark expectations for 2nd grade.

We expect she will graduate from our program very soon! She has the foundational skills she needs to continue reading successfully and happily on her own.